Friday, March 24, 2023

Maharashtra Breaking News! Governor taking majority test is a step to topple the government; The Chief Justice’s remarks were strongly worded

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My Maharashtra News: The Supreme Court is hearing on the power struggle in the state. Yesterday, the lawyers of the Shinde group made

a strong argument. After that Tushar Mehta, the lawyer of the Governor, batted hard today. Tushar Mehta pointed out to the court how the powers of the Governor and the decisions taken

by him were correct. However, Chief Justice D. Y. Chandrachud directly expressed his displeasure at the governor’s action. In very strong words, Chandrachud lashed out at the actions of the Governor.

The Governor took the majority test. The Chief Justice has said that this act of his was a step taken to overthrow the government. Chief Justice D. Y. Chandrachud has directly criticized

the action of the Governor in very strong words. He has expressed his personal displeasure over the Governor’s decision. MLAs had said that there was a threat to life. Therefore, it was

not right for the Governor to call a majority test. It appears that the Governor’s calling for a majority test was a step to topple the government. Chief Justice Chandrachud has made an important

statement that the Governor should not have done any act that would bring down the government.Tushar Mehta, the lawyer of the governor, gave a strong argument. Government should always

be in majority. From the letter of the MLAs, it is clear that the government was not in majority. Tushar Mehta pointed out to the court that this is why the governor had to take the majority test.

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