Thursday, October 5, 2023

Jio special offer, 4 people’s phone in one recharge

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My Maharashtra News: Reliance Jio has introduced its new recharge plan, which can be a good option for family users. The company has

introduced Jio Plus postpaid plans, which are priced at Rs 399. You can also add three other users in this plan. That means four people will work in one recharge.

Jio’s postpaid plan that connects up to four people is already there, but it costs more. At the same time, in this recharge plan, users also get the freedom to choose the connection as per their choice.

That is, customers can add two, three or four connections. They will have to pay the price accordingly. Jio has launched four new plans priced at Rs 299, Rs 399, Rs 599 and Rs 699. All these plans

will be available for customers from March 22. Let us know more about these plans. First of all let’s know about individual recharge plans. It starts at Rs 299, where customers get benefits like

unlimited calling, 30GB data, unlimited SMS. On the other hand, the second plan is priced at Rs 599, in which users get unlimited voice, data and SMS. You can also take a free trial of this plan.

Customers can use this plan as a trial for one month.Now let’s know about Jio family plan. The new Rs 399 plan offers users 75GB data with unlimited calling, unlimited SMS and three connection add-ons.

For each add-on connection you will have to pay an additional Rs.99. You can also take a free trial of this plan.

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